You Must Do These Things Before You Move Your Home

Plan your move on a day when you are not busy with work or other business matters. We recommend choosing a holiday or weekend. It is better to adjust to the increase in children’s schools so that moving arrangements will be easier. Before moving on, look for a new school for your child and do not hesitate to ask for the help of the principal or class teacher to introduce children to their classmates. Before all items are ready to be moved, you should first determine the system to move goods. Do you want to rent the best movers Toronto, or just rent a pickup and ask for help from neighbors to move? Then, make a list of items that must be brought in one place, which will be left and which will be donated to the neighbors. Sort out which objects will soon be needed in the new home and which will not.

Never put valuables or important letters in any place, keep valuable items separately. Each family member is required to have his own box to store personal items such as stationery, games, dolls. Ask them to give a mark on their respective boxes.

Before packaging, cover the plates and cups with newspaper or put them back in the box (if they are still there), so they don’t break easily. Write the wrapper with this sentence: ‘Fragile!’

For safety, do not combine detergents and food or medicine in one box. Separate in each box
If you have children, provide special boxes for children’s toys and do not forget the outside is marked, so that your child is easy to recognize. Ask the children to help pack it up. As far as possible, toys and books for children collect their own place.

Make sure when moving, no more items are scattered. Lock doors and windows if there is no guard, disconnect the telephone lines, electricity and water before you leave.

Check all the electricity, telephone and water bills, if they have been paid. Or the debt to the vegetable seller and the newsboy. Don’t forget to say goodbye to the neighbors and the head of the Neighborhood Association.
Use trucks with enough capacity to transport your things. To be safer from the rain, you should use a truck box.

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