When VPS slows down your website

You may experience for yourself that after using VPS services, website access actually becomes slower and often inaccessible. The assumption that paying more is expensive will certainly get better results that don’t apply here. Apart from that, check out our website if you need a professional web hosting company to assist your online business.

This generally happens because the VPS resource runs out.

Why is it slow?

As we explained in the VPS vs. Shared Hosting article, shared hosting services cannot precisely limit the user’s RAM and CPU usage. You can use almost all server resources and interfere with the performance of other users. Likewise vice versa, other users can use almost all server resources and interfere with the performance of your website.

Your website can feel fast because there are no other users who use high resources. However, there is no guarantee for performance because all server resources are used together by hundreds of users.

Whereas in VPS, VPS account resources (CPU, RAM, and Space) are precision A VPS will not be able to spend all physical server resources. Thus the use of resources can be guaranteed according to what you pay.

To find out what resources are actually needed, you can ask our technicians to make a temporary upgrade while monitoring the use of the resourcé.


If it turns out that your application/website requires a large CPU and RAM, you can optimize your application/website as follows:

Scripting Optimization

Scripting that is not optimal often makes your website sluggish because it requires CPU resources and extra RAM.

Database Query Optimization

Queries that are not optimal cause CPU usage to soar and use of IO storage to be high. Optimize database queries and benchmark on every change you make.

CMS optimization

If you use a CMS like WordPress or Joomla, make sure you don’t install the plugin/module that is wasteful of resources. In addition, excessive use of plugins/modules can also cause high CPU and RAM usage.

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