Various equipment and tools for playing golf

Like other types of sports that have specific tips on choosing play equipment, golf also has several things that need to be considered in choosing equipment or equipment. Basically, a beginner golf player must have at least five kinds of equipment needed to play golf, but for those of you who have started to seriously pursue this golf sports activity, you need additional equipment that is more complete than the newbie in bangkok golf.

To start golfing activities, you are not required to buy a set of equipment. But at least you have equipment that is vital to support your ability to practice basic techniques for playing golf such as sticks, balls and golf shoes. Here is the start-up equipment that beginners must at least play in golf:

Stick – Stick is the first and foremost element in golf. The variety of shapes and functions of golf sticks compared to clubs in other sports is the specialty that this golf sport has. According to its function, the golf stick is divided into 3 types, namely, Wood (for long-distance punches), Iron (for short-range punches) and Putter All types of punches on the green.

Ball- Golf sports using standardized balls, produced and intended specifically for golf. Has a weight and size that is quite solid when compared to balls in other types of sports that also use a bat. The golf ball has a minimum diameter size of 42.67 mm and weighs around 45.93 grams.

Shoes – Shoes in playing golf are also important. The vastness of the meadows used to play golf will be an obstacle if you don’t use the right shoes when you walk along. Because like with other types of sports, in the sport of golf the foot also requires comfort in the step which can only be given by the golf shoes.

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