Treatment of Dental Pain

The method of treatment of a toothache by Dentists near Miranda will be determined by the cause of a toothache itself. As an example:

– The doctor will treat the root canal (root canal) if the dental pulp is in place. Here the doctor will remove the infected pulp, then finish by patching the teeth. The purpose of patching is that the infection does not recur.


– The doctor will do patching if the tooth has decay and holes. Before patching, the decayed part will be cleaned and sterilized from the bacteria first.

– The doctor will do a patch if a toothache is caused by damage to the previous patch. The remnants of the previous fillings will be cleaned first.

– The doctor will do tooth extraction if the above treatment methods cannot cure a toothache.

There is a possibility that the doctor will do tooth extraction if a toothache is caused by the growth of a new tooth that is sandwiched between the other teeth and pressing the jaw.

Preventing is always better than cure. Therefore, even though your teeth are still healthy, it is advisable to take precautions to anticipate a toothache. Prevention efforts include:

– Check your teeth with a doctor at least twice a year.
– Limit consumption of sweet foods or drinks, such as chocolate, sweet cakes, and sweets.
– Brushing your teeth twice a day using fluoride toothpaste.
– Clean between teeth with dental floss or dental floss.
– As a complementary measure while ensuring the mouth is free of bacteria, end each tooth brushing by gargling using mouthwash, if necessary.
– Stop or reduce smoking. In addition to damaging the lungs, smoking habits have a negative impact on dental and oral health.

Did you know that plaque-causing tooth decay begins to form in the teeth within 20 minutes after eating? If it is not cleaned immediately, the damage that makes the cavities will be created soon. Therefore, let’s prevent cavities by diligently brushing your teeth after eating, eating healthy foods, and regularly checking with the dentist.

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