Tips for buying a promotional tent

Tents can be used for various activities, such as security posts, natural disaster posts, medical service posts and promotional activities. Using a tent as a promotional medium can increase brand awareness and brand visibility if tents are placed in strategic positions and locations. Meanwhile, you might need to check out the recommended Inflatable tent as well.

For those of you who have decided to use the tent as a promotional medium or other necessities but still hesitate in choosing the type of tent, the following tips may help solve your problem:

1. Frequently asked questions are “what size of a tent do I need?” Size is an important factor in choosing the right tent. But before you consider the size of the tent, you need to think about the event or under what conditions the tent will be used. For example, tents used in social gatherings, security posts, and even weddings will necessarily require a larger size than tents that are only used for product displays only.

2. Material frame tent adjusted to the conditions and purposes of the use of tents. In outline, there are two kinds of materials used to make the framework of the tent, namely aluminum and iron. Each has advantages and disadvantage.

3. Tent fabrics. There are two kinds of tent cloth waterproof cloth and water-resistant cloth. Waterproof fabric can hold water because it has a protective coating. While water-resistant fabric can penetrate water seepage if the rain is very heavy. If the tent is often disassembled, the water-resistant fabric is more durable, while the waterproof fabric can be torn if often folded.
Ask the tent manufacturer about the type and durability of the fabric used.

4. Accessories complementary tent. Accessories such as tents, bags or boxes to store tents, visual fabric for the top table, additional visual cloth other. You need to consider whether the accessory is required or not.

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