Temperature Change May Cause Some Harm To Our Body

When you feel cold and then feel hot because of the ambient temperature, you may have a problem with the thyroid aircon service. The thyroid is one of the glands in the body that functions to regulate various metabolism, regulate heart rate, and body temperature.

When this gland produces too much thyroid hormone, the body temperature will increase. On the other hand, this gland also produces T3 and T4 hormones which if the hormone production decreases, the body temperature will decrease. T3 and T4 hormones are also responsible for regulating energy use in the body and affecting the production of thyroid hormones. Apart from that, check out the most trusted aircon service near your area when you want to repair or maintain your AC.

Decreasing levels of thyroid hormones in the body can cause body temperature to decrease and slow down metabolism in the body. If the metabolic process slows down, other symptoms will appear such as fatigue and weakness, depression, constipation, and brittle nails. If left untreated, hyperthyroidism can cause swelling in the face, hands, and feet, a decrease in the sense of taste and smell, reproductive problems, joint pain, and even heart disease.

In addition, the adrenal gland is located above the kidney and functions to produce the hormone cortisol which is the main hormone in the management of stress and metabolism. Disorders of the adrenal gland are often the result of a decrease in thyroid hormone. Temperature changes will affect thyroid hormones which then affect the adrenal gland disorders.

The consequences that arise due to adrenal gland disorders are emotional instability, difficulty getting up early despite getting enough sleep, always feeling tired and starving, and decreasing the immune system. Other symptoms that can appear are low blood sugar levels, numbness in the fingers, decreased sexual drive and decreased body weight.

What’s more, Insulin is a hormone that has the main job in managing levels of blood sugar and changing blood sugar into the power needed by our body. That’s why a hormone is involved in the process of energy metabolism which can cause body temperature to change. Under normal circumstances, the body increases insulin production when body temperature rises and research says that injecting this hormone into certain parts of the brain can increase body temperature and accelerate the body’s metabolism.

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