Some of These Places Often Became A Place For Unused Goods In Your Apartment

It’s no secret if the apartment you live in has a large area that is not so big and arguably narrow and small. It will make you feel too narrow and bored while in the apartment. However, living in an apartment does have a lot of benefits. One of the apartments you can choose is a marina one condo.

Because the area of ??the apartment is not too big, then you must be smart in arranging. There are some places that are usually just a place for a variety of unused items. Some of these places are

– Drawer of cookware
Especially when you rent an apartment by yourself, not many cooking utensils you need. One spatula, one dough shaker, and one knife. That way there will be more space available in your kitchen drawer. Start by taking out all the contents of the drawer, then remove the plastic binder, sachet sauces, and other garbage hidden in the drawer. Then choose which tool you want to save and the rest can be donated.

– Drawer toiletries
You tried the new shampoo was not suitable? Facial cleansers that make spotty? A lot of your money is used to buy these things, so you feel guilty when you have to throw them away. Certainly, you have many unused body care products that take up a lot of space in your bathroom. Try to remove all these products and recycle the container.

– Coffee table
Just like a bedside table, the desk in the living room might be the area where you drop keys, magazines, letters, or other important items. Clean the table, then add a tray to store items that can make the table a mess.

– Bookshelf
Bookshelf may be the main storage area in the apartment, but this place can also be a home for items such as books you do not read or other objects. Decide which book you really need and donate the rest.

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