Slate And Marble Coaster And Place Mats

The use of slate and marble in the house is not uncommon. Slate stones are formed from changes in shale or mudrock. The appearance of rocks is so interesting and tends to be uneven. Many are applied to the outside of the house or the exterior. This natural stone color varies, unlike marble stone which is famous for its white color. Although most slate stones are dark gray or light gray, other ranges of colors such as brown, black and even purple can be easily found. The advantage of slate stone is its high resistance to cold weather. On the other hand, marble used to be synonymous with luxury homes because of the expensive price. Now the use of marble natural stone is not only limited to luxury homes. Along with the times, more and more types of marble are used for the decorative side of the building. Even now artificial marble can be easily found. Famous for its white and patterned colors, marble is usually used to create a clean and sharp impression.

Using slate and marble as part of the design for the exterior of your house is indeed one of the right choices because it can be a beautiful decoration. Besides giving a natural impression, slate or marble can also be the right choice because it is easy to get and only requires a little maintenance. Not only for decorating the exterior of your home, but you can also create these stones as an interior decoration of your home by placing them in your dining room. You could make the dining table more lively by making coasters or plate mats from slate or marble. Cover the rocks with a cloth or net at the bottom so that the table is not scratched. With using stones as a decoration you could also bring a sense of nature to your home that would be loved by anyone.

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