Review: Anker 24W dual USB car charger

A USB car charger is a new electronic device that serves to charge the phone while in the car. This device of the car charger is plugged into cigarette button which is usually located above the ashtray. Then, you have to install the car charger by releasing tools that are lighter in the dashboard ashtray. However, regarding the car chargers, there are so many brands and types of products, especially those made in China. The quality is not so good. That is the reason why it is, indeed, a must for you to choose the best car charger. One of the good car chargers in the market at the moment is the Anker 24W dual USB car charger. Thus, to help you know this car charger better, here is the Anker 24W dual USB car charger review.

Anker 24W dual USB car charger review

Advantages of Anker 24W dual USB car charger

The Anker 24W dual USB car charger has joint the 10 million+ powered by a leading brand of USB chargers in America. It is one of the advantages of this car charger. Another advantage is that this car charger is equipped with advanced charging technology. It has several advanced features such as VoltageBoost and PowerIQ which are combined to provide the charging process as fast as possible up to 4.8 amps or 2.4 amps per port. However, it does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge and Nexus 5X and 6P.

In the time when there are a lot of cases which show that charging in the car using a car charger can be dangerous, this Anker charger shows up with a certificate to state that it is safe to use. It is because Anker had multi protection power system. This system can make sure that you and also your device will get complete protection. As for the design, it would look good with any devices and even cars. It has been claimed that this Anker car charger is one of the smallest ones in the industry of car chargers. Even though it is small, it still can contain two USB ports. It also have a LED light which can add its functionality. Thus, when you are looking for a car charger to buy, you, indeed, have to consider the Anker 24W dual USB car charger.

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