Paint Color and Its Effect on Mood

Confused to choose the right wall paint color for the room? Do not choose, because each color can affect the mood. You can ask sure paint services lead-paint-removal-brisbane for color suggestions. We often see combinations or color schemes that are often used. For example, yellow combined with black. As well as why blue and white are often a favourite combination. Interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott reveals the secrets behind eight colors and how they can affect your psychic aspect. For example, yellow often represents a sense of spirit, happiness and attention. While pink represents a sense of love and affection. Curious to know more? Scroll down to find the right color for every room in your home.

– Yellow

This bright color brings the impression of energetic, happiness and warning into the room. Suitable applied to kitchen and bathroom space.

Plus: Yellow is the best color that can create a sense of excitement and awakens a sense of optimism and confidence

Minus: Unfortunately the dominant yellow color can cause a sense of stress, for that to be avoided yellow apps in the bedroom. The yellow color is known to make the baby cry more often.

– Orange

This color represents a sense of social, entertainment and warmth. Very fitting for use in the living room and dining room.

Plus: Orange is often applied to some brands of sportswear because it can generate motivation and make people want to move.

Minus: It turns orange is often considered a negative color in the United States and is often associated with a prison uniform. Orange is also often associated with Halloween costumes.

– Red

Red can trigger passion, optimism and an adventurous spirit. For that very fit applied to the bedroom and dining room.

Plus: This vibrant color is guaranteed to increase the spark of romance. But be careful, too much red is often associated with dangerous things. For that, this color has two conflicting properties.

Minus: Recent survey mentions that red car drivers, including women, often claim to feel aggressive when driving a car.

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