Here Are Some Diseases That You Can Feel If Your Air Conditioner Is Dirty

Everyone must have an air conditioner (AC) in their home. unfortunately, some of them did not clean their air conditioner properly. There are many people who don’t clean their air conditioners for a long time. If you do this, then you have a lot of germs and bacteria in your house. you can experience various types of diseases. You have to clean the air conditioner in your house. You can use services from aircon servicing local service.

There are several diseases that can lurk you at home if you don’t clean your air conditioner. Here are some diseases that can lurk you.

1. Respiratory disorders
Dirty air conditioners store lots of germs and bacteria. There are lots of germs and bacteria in your air conditioner. This is the reason why you should clean your air conditioner regularly. One of the dirtiest parts is an AC filter. FIlte has an important role in the air circulation process. If the AC filter is dirty, the air in your house is also dirty. There are many germs and diseases that are around you.

2. Headaches
Headaches are often felt by most people especially those who use Ac. Unfortunately, most people feel familiar with this headache. Especially for those who work and often feel headaches after work. Actually, headaches when in a cold room are called “sick building syndrome” caused by air conditioning. In fact, research in 2004 proved that workers in AC rooms would experience symptoms of malaise and headaches more often.

3. The skin becomes dry
If you are in a room with AC for a long time, then your skin can dry out. air conditioning is not good for me the health of your skin. Imagine if air conditioning is not good for the skin, what about dirty air conditioners. Your skin will be damaged if your air conditioner is dirty.

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