Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits Generally

Yes, what is meant by extra virgin olive oil is nothing but the pure olive oil that has a color similar to or almost the same color as gold. Extra virgin olive oil is often referred to as organic evoo or extra virgin only. Extra virgin is an olive oil that has the highest quality and also has the most expensive price when compared with other olive oil. Besides this extra virgin has a taste that is very similar to fresh olives. The naming of extra virgin is used to indicate that the oil is actually derived from the olives that the juice has taken, and is the first of the olives. And this is the first to produce the best quality oil.

The content of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As we already know together that olive oil is an oil that contains many natural properties. Benefits of olive oil can be for health and for beauty. The nutrients contained in extra virgin olive oil include monounsaturated fats, healthy heart fats, monounsaturated fatty acids, squalene, calcium, potassium, polyphenols, triglycerides, oleic acid, tocopherols, compounds, phenolic, phytophenols, antioxidants, iron and also rich in various vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin K.

How Can Extra Virgin Olive Oil Be Provided?

This olive oil there are various levels, some are pure, and some are not too pure. And to achieve extra virgin olive oil levels, some special criteria are required. Not just any olive oil can be crowned with extra virgin olive oil. To obtain this kind of oil it has to go through two stages of official tests or tests in a chemistry laboratory, as well as passing a sensory evaluation by a panel of tasting trained and recognized by the International Olive Council.

Some of the benefits of extra virgin olive oil, in general, are as follows:

Maintain heart health
Reduce the pain in the breast
As a natural source of antioxidants
In pregnant women, extra virgin olive oil can prevent constipation
Gives a softness effect to the hair
Keep your lips healthy
Keep your nails healthy
As a lotion for the body
Relieves pain

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