Criminal Lawyer Brampton Duties and Salary

Criminal lawyers are people who work to defend organizations, entities, and individuals been charged with a crime. They also represent defendants facing charges of criminal in federal, appellate courts and in the state. Criminal lawyer Brampton scope of practice such as plea bargains, trial, bail bond hearings, revocation hearings, appeals, and post-conviction remedies. Known as public defenders or criminal defense lawyers, they have several duties and responsibilities so it is not only interrogations or ague the cases in the courts.

If you are interested to become a criminal lawyer, here are the things about the duties and salary of criminal lawyers you need to know.

Duties and Salary of Criminal Lawyers Brampton

1. Duties and Responsibilities

Criminal lawyers Brampton has duties and responsibilities include investigate the case and do an interview, researching the case law, crimes codes, statutes, and procedural law. They also build a defense and develop a strategy for the case, negotiate with the prosecution to plea bargain to get lesser charges, collect the draft, file, argue motions, draft, file, arguing appeals and become an advocate for the defendant.

2. Criminal Lawyer Salary

Criminal lawyer Brampton salaries are actually depending on the scope of the practice, geographic location of the firm, and the firm. It is usually modest with a common range from $30,000 to $50,000 for a public defender. For those who employed in law firms will earn the highest salaries. The highest-paid criminal lawyers are often those that represent wealthy defendants, high-profile in high-stakes cases. Generally, the salary range for criminal lawyers are $120,910 or $58.13 per hour for a median annual salary, top 10%/ annual salary will get more than $208,000 or $100 per hour, and for the bottom, 10% annual salary, usually get less than $58,220 or $27.99 per hour.

That’s about criminal lawyer Brampton duties and salary you should know. That’s a good idea to know the job description first before starting a career as a criminal lawyer.

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