Clean Entire Area and Spot of Home

Do you feel you’ve cleaned the house carefully? Do not be sure yet. There may be some unspoiled points when cleaning the house. If you really want to make sure all the spots are clean, give Planet Maids a call.

1. Under the Fridge

At the bottom of the refrigerator, there is often invisible food debris. You can clean with a microfiber mop to catch the dirt under the refrigerator, do not forget the back of the refrigerator.

2. Under the Sofa

Lifting the sofa can be a hassle, but try to look at the bottom of the couch and see how much dirt is stored there, especially if you have pets. Use a vacuum cleaner that can reach to the bottom of every corner of the sofa.

3. In Sela Sofa

In need of money? Try looking in the middle of the sofa, you can just find some coins and other small items tucked in there. This section should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner at least once a month.

4. Open Door Hinges

The triangular part of the angel behind an open door is often a forgotten part to clean. Check all the doors in the house and see how dirty the part is.

5. Flush Toilet

This section is often not cleaned. In fact, flush toilets require more attention because it is where bacteria and fungi multiply rapidly. Spray the part with anti-bacterial spray.

6. Computer Keyboard

Although the computer is not used every day, the keyboard is one part that must be cleaned regularly.

Tips: shake the keyboard to drop all the dust and dirt tucked in it then wipe with antibacterial wet wipes. Use toothpicks or earplugs to clean the sidelines of the keyboard.

7. Tub Dryer in Washing Machine

Clean the drying tubs in the washing machine regularly to avoid piles of yarn or clothing fibers that can spark a fire in the washing machine.

8. Dishwashing Machine

A dishwasher is very useful, so take good care to be durable. Clean the machine once every three months with a special cleanser to remove odor and make the washing machine is always hygienic.

9. Mattress

Do you often clean the bed mattress? If not, clean and turn mattress every 6 months.


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