Best Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards 2017

Here are some of the Best Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards 2017!

self balancing scooters

Nowadays, people are demanding the more convenient ways for transportation. Back in the last few decades, the available short distance vehicle is just the bicycles, roller blades, and the skateboards. However, those old vehicles are powered by your own energy, and they required the rider to move his or her own body. That’s why those vehicles are mostly used in the sport instead for the daily activities. In order to fulfill the people’s demands, the inventor has invented one of the most convenient ways to traveling around in a short distance. It’s called the self-balancing scooters. It’s powered by the battery and it’s really easy to use.

You definitely don’t have to use your own energy, unlike the bicycles, roller blades, and the skateboards. By riding the self-balancing scooters, you can go to the mall, groceries, cafes, schools, and a lot more places near your house with the more convenient and the more eco-friendly way. That’s one of many reasons of why people these days are choosing the self-balancing scooters instead of the old vehicles such as the bicycles and skateboards. It’s perfect for the busy people who wants to conserve more of their energy for their work. This way, they can go buy their lunch during their break time by riding the scooter instead of walking. It’s just one of many benefits that you can get by having a self-balancing scooter. If you’re planning to buy one, we recommend you to check the Best Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards 2017, so you can check which one of the recommended scooters that will be suitable for you.

1. Halo Rover

It’s one of the most famous self-balancing scooters in 2017. It will not be overheated or malfunctioned. It’s powered by the UL which has been certified by the LG’s top batteries. These hoverboards are nearly indestructible due to their aluminum frame and the non-flat, durable 8.5-inch pair of tires. Each of its units comes with a mobile and Bluetooth app so you can play some music, tracking your own location, checking your own speed, and also the hoverboard’s battery life.

2. SKQUE 10

If you’re searching for a self-balancing scooter with the multiple functions and features, the SKQUE 10 is very recommended for you. It has been equipped with the dual motors (one motor on each pad), thus can allow you to get the more comfortable control for accelerating, rotating, and turning. Stopping this hoverboard is very easy as well. Its maximum speed is 6.2 mph and one-time charge can take you up to 15 miles away from your starting location. The downside of this one is that you need to charge it for around 2 hours to fully recharge its battery.

It’s capable of holding the maximum weight of 260 lbs, so it will be a very excellent choice for the people with the heavier body weight. It’s 10 inches air-filled wheels are great for you to ride through the harsh surface of the road. Therefore it’s very good for the people who aren’t living in the city, or for the people who loves to hike. The SKQUE 10 hoverboards will be handy for the outdoor activities. It also has the Bluetooth speakers, a remote control to turn it on or off, and it also has 10 choices of colors and patterns in order for it to suits each person’s style.


It’s the lightest hoverboard that you can find in the market these days. Besides that, it’s also the fastest one among of its kind. It can run with the speed as fast as 10 mph. One charge can take you go 20 miles away from home. It can be used for 5 hours trip before you need to recharge it. Despite its compact design, in can hold the weight up to 200 lbs.

The frame of the SWAGWAY X1 has been made with the aluminum alloy, and it’s coated with the hard ABS. It makes this hoverboard to has the high resistance against dents and scratches. Furthermore, it comes with the 7 choices of colors, and the pink one is the limited edition.

The best feature that makes this hoverboard to be special is its easiness to be used by the beginners. It has the beginner mode which is can be adjusted for the newbies who are riding this hoverboard for the first time. When the newbies have mastered the basics, they can switch from the beginner mode to the performance mode just by flicking its switch. Besides that, it’s actually one of the few hoverboards that have been certified by the UL for the quality and safety. Nevertheless, the owners don’t have to be worried, because of the certified hoverboards will never burn or explode.

Those are the top 3 self-balancing scooters and hover boards of 2017. Although there are many choices of scooters and hoverboards in the market, it’s recommended for you to choose those 3 if you’re looking for the best quality. Aside from the quality, these recommended hoverboards are providing their users with the best safety system that have been made by the experts. When you’re buying a hoverboard, it’s suggested that you’re looking for the quality instead of the price, due to you won’t like a cheap one which will be broken in the next 3 weeks of use.

Therefore it will be a lot better for you to save a bit more money, so you can buy the best self-balancing scooter and hoverboard that you can buy. Not only that you will get the finest quality, you will get the safest one as well. Be a smart and careful customer will save you from ending up with the hoverboard or scooter, that only waste your time and money. Remember not to choose a hoverboard or self-balancing scooter hastily, in order to get the finest quality that you can get in the hoverboard market. Remember to only buy from the licensed shops as well. This way, you will be able to avoid the fraud products as well.

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