Some of the Best 3D Printing Pens in 2017

Here we review some of the best 3d printing pens that are available today!

3d printing pen

Usually, when you are hungry or when you are bored in a meeting, you would also like daydream about the food that you are craving for at the moment, for example, or else about the Eiffel Tower as you would love to be able to go to Paris someday. Well, daydreaming is, indeed, fun because we can be of anything we want to and have what we want to when we are daydreaming. However, just daydreaming is not a productive thing to do as we hardly get anything out of it except we actually try to make it come true.

Fortunately, now the activity to daydream has been made possible to be a productive one. It is because, nowadays, you are able to daydream while making another version of what you are dreaming of. One of the ways is by drawing it, or should you say doodling it. Do you often draw on a piece of paper when you are idling, while talking on the phone, or when you are bored? The word “Doodling” is the cool term for such an activity of drawing.

Formerly, we were only able to do the doodling on a piece of paper and if we liked what we drew, we hung the paper on the wall. Well, in that way, we have been able to create something out of our activity of daydreaming. However, that is still not as good as if we could actually touch what we draw in person. Even though it is not the real thing, as long as it is not just the surface of a piece of paper that we tough, it would be much better. Luckily, in this modern day, creating something in the third dimension out of the doodling activity is possible. Right now, the tool that allows us to do so has been able to be invented. The tool is called as a 3d printing pen.

Why 3D Printing Pens?

The invention of the 3D printing pen is started with a site in the United States named as Kickstarter. The job of this site is to fund creative projects, ranging from movies, games, music, art, technology, any kind. Being ambitious, innovative, and imaginative, Kickstarter has already spent $ 450 million since April 28, 2009 to fund 3 million people involved in creative projects 35,000.

The people behind this Kickstarter want to motivate others to make his reverie and projects become a reality. They just ask for 5% of the collected funds if the project is successful, including the project of the 3D printing pen. As for the 3D printing pen, until this year, there has been more than one 3D printing pen, created by different creators or companies. Below, then, several examples of the Best 3d Printing Pen 2017 will be discussed.

Some Examples of the Best 3D Printing Pen in 2017

One of the projects that they have funded and that have been really successful is a pen name “3Doodler”, the findings of 2 guys whose name is Pete and Max. 3Doodler this is the first 3D printing pen in the world and will go on sale in September this year at $ 75 per pen. It’s a relatively cheap price, because they will make this magic pen in China to suppress the price. In short, if you usually doodling on paper it’s just 2D, now with this 3Doodler you form 3-dimensional graffiti. So the price of $ 75 does not really expensive compared to the satisfaction that anyone can get from using an object as cool as this.

This 3Doodler is available in the size of 180mm x 24 mm and weighs less than 200 grams. You also need electricity for doodling using this pen. However, you must also remember to not give it to a child who is still under the age of 12 years since the end of the pen is made of this metal and it can be heated up to 270C when used. So, you should not treat this 3Doodler as a toy, but as a pen that could embody daydreams or dreams of creative people. However, you should not think that this would be that the 3Doodler is complicated to use. In fact, it is not at all because you do not need any additional software or a computer at all to use it. You can simply insert your pen is to plug and directly use it to do the doodling activity.

Other than 3Doodler, CreoPop, a newcomer in this business which comes from Singapore, might also seem interesting. This Startup raise funds on Indiegogo, and successfully fulfills its purpose many times. CreoPop works in different ways than the 3Doodler. The ink used for CreoPop is made of light-sensitive resin, solidified at room temperature after connected to UV light. CreoPop uses what is called as photopolymer, a type of ink which will change the shape of the liquid and become solid when exposed to ultraviolet light. That is why at the end of the pen CreoPop there will always be a shining ultraviolet light. You also do not need to worry, because the light is safe for humans. Photopolymer inks used CreoPop can also be cold, so it is not harmful to our skin. It is why the ink of CreoPop is called as ‘cold ink’.

CreoPop has also promised to provide more unique types for its ink. To add to the uniqueness of their products, CreoPop not only produce one type of polymer. They reportedly have provided 8 types of photopolymer materials. Up until now, the types of ink for this 3D printing pen range from a magnetic ink which can change color based on the temperature, aromatic ink, and ink that conducts electricity, elastic, to even ink which can glow in the dark. They are as follows:

Glow-In-The-Dark – Can be lit in the dark.

Elastic – have the nature of being characteristically rubbery.

Aromatic – Have a fragrant aroma that can be used as an air freshener.

Body Paint – Can be attached to the body as body painting.

Magnetic – Can be attached to the metal material such as the refrigerator door, and the like.

Conductive – can conduct electricity, suitable for making electronic experiments.

Glittering – Have a glowing effect.

Temperature – Can change color when there are changes in temperature that can become hotter or colder.

In addition, the ink photopolymer of CreoPop also made with a variety of attractive colors.

As for the operating system, while 3Doodler requires to be connected to an electric socket to be operated, CreoPop uses a battery as its power source so that it can be taken anywhere more easily. For the price, according to the official page, CreoPop is sold at a price of 89 dollars, with five packages of photopolymer to refill ink. If your photopolymer ink runs out, you can also buy it again in CreoPop with the price of 2 to 3 Dollars per package. If you are worried on whether you will be able to get this 3d printing pen, you do not need to worry as CreoPop has ensured that their goods can be ordered from any place in the world.

So, 3Doodler and CreoPop are some examples of the Best 3d Printing Pen 2017. You can choose either of them to be the tool to help you make what you dream of in your daydreaming activity become more real as they will be in the same dimension as you, which is the third-dimension, than just a drawing on a piece of paper, which is in the second-dimension.

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