ASUS Chromebook Review

Since its inception, the Chromebook steal everyone’s attention. Early adopter desire that comes from within them as a sign that, “someday I should have and use this laptop!”. Here is ASUS Chromebook Ruggedized and Water Resistant Design review.

asus chromebook

– Login

Just like Android devices, you need a Google account to run the full Chromebook. After login with a Google or Gmail account, then you can start using this laptop. Once you log in, you can access the various menus and features on the Chromebook. One important note, this account will be the primary account to access all the features associated with your Google account, including the login password when you turn on the laptop first. So your laptop password and email will be the same.


– Google Drive, Google Search and Chrome Web Store is your new life

These services : Google Drive, Google Search and Chrome Web Store are the lifeblood of your new Chromebook. Storage and workspace will be bound by the Google Drive as well as various products descendants of Google Search to search various information related to Chromebooks including searching apps, and Chrome Web Store to download the application.


– Design

Although in my opinion to see Asus logo looked too dominant, but the top of this laptop is quite simple, navy blue color adds to the impression of a minimalist but cool. Minimalist impression and focus on functionality in my opinion, including prominent impression that wants to be taken by this laptop, and Chrome OS itself. Compliments on this laptop I embed the keyboard are present. As a writer, the keyboard becomes an important part of a laptop, even sometimes more important than the specifications or other facilities.


– Completeness connectivity

On the left side there is a 3.5mm jack for headphones, and then next to it provided plugs micro HDMI, micro SD slot and plugs for battery (flattened). And on the right side, there are two USB 2.0 slots. Speaker of the laptop at the bottom which will be great when you put it on the table so no extra sound effects bouncing. Clarity of the resulting sound is one of the advantages offered. Webcam available, on paper it says HD specification, even when tried in the room, the noise was quite a lot.



Broadly speaking, I would make this laptop as a primary laptop for everyday work. Some of the main factors that support are lightweight making it suitable to carry mobile, keyboard fun, support the connection device Wi-Fi faster, get the job done for the type of job you struggled, cool design with attractive colors, as well as supporting the work environment using many Google services. The one who gets the spotlight also is the simplicity you want to present this device, but with the ability to be reliable. The designs are not many adventurous, see OS and menu options are also simple and focus on the main function.

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